Froufrou scrunchie

Froufrou scrunchies are made from soft and ever-so-pleasant-to-touch tulle and we put a LOT of tulle in them. They are large, grand, and as frilly as our Froufrou skirts!

The elastic inside is strong, but yielding - exactly what you need to keep those locks in place and it will stand firm against any kind of stretching and pulling.

The tulle we have used is insanely soft and will caress your hear without damaging it.

It's a fun and playful accessory to go with your favourite Froufrou skirt or with your every-day jeans and t-shirt :) The color and combination possibilities are endless!

A hint! When ordering your very of Froufrou skirt, ask for a scrunchie to be made in the same style ;)

As perfect for little ones as they are for grown-ups to add a little color and personality!

Price: 3.25 €

Our fairies are working on getting images of all the variations, be patient! Rest assured though, all the colors listed are ready-to-ship ;) 
Lisa ostukorvi€7