How to take care of your Froufrou skirt

Dear happy new owner of a Froufrou skirt! 

We are delighted that we have been part of the journey of the skirt of your dreams! Know, that every colourful, sparkly or dotted strip of tulle or piece of lace has been selected with love and carefully placed in an enjoyable pattern by hand. Each of our skirts is unique, mirrors the personality of it's wearer and shows her true colours of the heart :) We sincerely wish your skirt will become dear to you and you will care for it with the same devotion we put into sewing it.

Please find our tips and instructions to wear your beauty for a long time: 
  • Usually our skirts can be worn for a very long time before they need to be washed. If your skirt needs refreshing or you have an accident (like you dropped your favourite ice cream on it!), you can wash it by hand or machine wash with a delicate program up to 30 °C (about 86F). The fabrics used in the skirt can easily manage washing, but are sensitive to too much slopping. Do NOT centrifuge above 800 rpm!
  • Never put your Froufrou skirt into a dryer!!!
  • Be more careful with skirts with light-coloured waistband. THe fabric used for the waistband is susceptible to taking in pigments from other clothes. Wash your skirt separately or with the same colours. Try out special fabric patches that catch colour :)
  • If it happens that your skirt has become wrinkled in your closed or bag or suitcase or if the tulle has lost it's fluffiness, a good steam-bath will help you! If you don't have a steamer, worry not! You can do this in your bathroom :) To steam your skirt, put it on a hanger and find a place in your bathroom where the skirt has as much free space as possible. Let your hottes water run from the shower to either wall or floor (but make sure the water doesn't hit the skirt directly!), leave the bathroom, close the door and keep it shut for about five minutes (with the water running!). Shut off the water after the five minutes, but be quick in-and-out and leave the bathroom door closed for some time. Et voilla! As good as new :) As an alternative, take the skirt to the bathroom when you take a long hot shower yourself :) 
  • Sometimes when you wear your skirt for a very long time, it still happens, that the frills loose their fluff, steam or not. You can regain some of the fluffyness when you dry your skirt pinning it to a clothing line by the bottom hem (lining, not tulle!) so that the frills dry "upside down". 
  • You may also iron the lining and the tulle. For tulle, choose a low heat, the lining will tolerate medium heat. If your lining needs a more intense ironing, keep your iron away form the tulle. Iron the lining carefully through a damp ironing cloth between the frills on the outer side of the skirt. If you iron from the inside, it may happen that some creases or folds will be ironed into your tulle frills which will be tough to get out.
  • Sometimes accidents happen and some of the tulle may rip :( It happens, but it's ok! Ask us for help and if it's reasonable to do so, send the skirt to us. If we still have the same tulle or lace, the problem can be easily fixed! If it's an assorted skirt, we can use anything that fits the color scheme. Sometimes it's possible to re-arrange the excisting frills to cut out the problem area.*

We wish with all our heart that the skirt you have chosen for yourself or your little one will become your favourite garment and you will wear it for years to come! We work very hard to make sure the fabrics we use are of excellent quality and reliable, that our dedication to outstanding craftmanship can be seen even on the inside of the skirt and that the clothes we produce last for a lifetime. We fully believe in responsible consumption and shopping and we know that everyone who decides to purchase one of our unique beauties has considered their coice carefully and appreciates our very personal contribution :) 

* Please note that while we are happy to help you with any repairs you need, these services paid. The exact fee depends on the problem and complexity of work needed. For sure, we are the best possible choice to help you, as we know our skirts best! If you have any worries, don't hesitate to contact us at and describe your needs as precicely as possible.