Our Froufrou and Mi Butterfly skirts are measured from the upper edge of the waistband to the bottom edge of the lining. Generally, a Froufrou skirt with 10 layers is meant for ladies 155-165 cm tall, skirts with 11 layers are for ladies 166-175 cm tall and skirts with 12 layers are perfect for 176-185 cm etc. Exact fit depends on individual body type, style and personal preferences (do you like to wear your skirt on your hips or more higher up?). For short skirts, 5 layers is best for smaller ladies, 6 layers more suitable for taller dames. Your preference on midi-lenght depends on your own vision, but is usually between 7-9 layers.  

Lizkiz Couture dresses are measured from shoulder to hemline. We have created all our styles keeping in mind that children are different and they tend to grow ;) This is why we prefer more stretchy materials and flexible fastenings and details so that the perfect dress may be worn for a long long time :)