Photographer Nele Suurna

Nele is the fairy behind all of our princessy photos. She captures the details, laces and pearls, the very essence of our creations on such marvellous images. She photographs all our skirts and dresses with passion and love and can spend endless hours fussing over set-up and style so that it would be just right. Even photographing the same dress multiple times she always finds new ways to deliver an image so that it matches the mood and personality of the wearer. 

With a smile on her energetic face she shows our little modles exactly how to twirl and turn, where to step and how to place the hands. It is impossible not to enjoy every minute of every shoot anyone does with her! 

If you are hoping for a special princessy photoshoot of your own (including some of our very own dresses, mind you ;), find out more on her homepage, from Facebook at or check out her Instagram page here.