These skirts are ready-to-ship and are waiting for just the right owner who strokes, cuddles and keeps them forever! See something you like, but it's the wrong size? Send us a message at and we'll make one with just the same feeling of love and exactly the way you need it!

Exceptional navy-blue full lenght skirt with lace trim, M

Strawberry Cheescake - Gloriously lace-assorted A-line skirt, XS

Desert Princess - Assorted A-line skirt, S

Dotted lilac midi skirt for women, S

Daring red-black skirt for women, M

Classic navy A-line skirt for women, L

Classic A-line skirt with dash of color for women, S

Lace-assorted midi-skirt in bright and light blue colors, M

Light pink ivory assorted Froufrou with lace, M

Navy blue circle-Froufrou, S

Black assorted circle-Froufrou with lace, M

Rainbow Froufrou for children, different sizes

Children's pink skirt with spots, different sizes

Modest Phoenix - Assorted Froufrou for children, different sizes

Purple Froufrou with spangles for children, 98/110

Assorted Froufrous for babies

Champagne with lace - Assorted Froufrou for baby

Frozen blue spotted skirt for children, different sizes

Marshmallow - Assorted Froufrou with lace for children, 116/128

Light peach Froufrou for children

Purple spotted skirt for children, 116/128

Purple Froufrou for children, 98/110

White Froufrou with glitter rainbow dots for children, different sizes