Assorted Froufrou
with lace for girls

Twirly circle skirt with an assortment of colours and the added luxury of laces! Will it be a party of extravagant opposing (or complementing) colors? Do you wish for a rainbow? Shall we make one with subtle changes of tone? 50-shades-of-pink! Something so odd it's completely satisfying like bright yellow with grays and silvers?

You ask and we shall deliver!

A wide and soft waistband made of strong but flexible lycra fabric holds the skirt comfortably around the waist and will hug your little girl lovingly for years.

Baby skirt with two rows of frills is a great choice for a baby shower gift! The skirt will be perfect for that very fist newborn session as well as be worn for a long time after.

Color options for assorted skirts:

  • Pink palette
  • Pink meets purple
  • Yellow with companions
  • Purple, lavender and violet
  • Desert Princess in the sand
  • From bright to dark white
  • Black, black and more black
  • All shades of gray
  • Red Phoenix
  • Bright rainbow
  • Strawberries with whipped cream

To choose a colour from in-stock options, select „Colour from our selection“ and write your request into the comments. Did not find your favourite colour? No problem! We know where to find tulle in all shades of the rainbow! Select „Ask for your favourite colour“, write your request into the comments and we will find exactly what you wish for.

Usually we complete your order within two or three weeks. If you need a skirt in haste, choose "Express production" and contact us. We will specify how quickly we can do the job. If possible, we will make it happen in two-three working days (surcharge 30% will apply).

Prices start from 34 €

Lisa ostukorvi