Mi Butterfly tulle skirt for girls

Every girl has a moment, even for a seconds, when she wishes to twirl in a fluffy tulle skirt like princess Elsa, shine like Cinderella or dance like Maria from West Side Story.

Mi Butterfly tulle skirts are classic and need to be in every girl's wardrobe! We make the skirt as long and fluffy as the little princess desires :)

Choose between three levels of fluffyness: fluffy, extra fluffy or extra super fluffy!

  • Simply fluffy tulle skirts are as suitable for a dance class as they are for everyday wear or an evening tea party
  • For those who feel that is not enough, we will add MORE tulle to feel extra festive! Extra fluffy tulle skirts are luxurious garments to enjoy festive occasions like the end of school or kindergarten.
  • For the very extraordinary events such as weddings, balls, performances, we recommend the Extra super fluffy tulle skirt. Nothing beats the rustling of an immensely full skirt and the special feeling of being a princess in a long-long skirt.
A skirt that is a long princess skirt for small girl will turn into a playfully short one for teenager girl.

We offer standard lengths by increments of 10 cm, from 50 cm to 120 cm. Write to us, if you need other sizes!

A soft waistband made of strong but flexible lycra fabric holds the skirt comfortably around the waist and will hug your little girl lovingly for years. If the length of the skirt is still polite, we can change the waistband for a slightly larger one to make the skirt wearer happy for as long as possible.

The skirt has soft viscous lining, stretchy waistband and 4/6/8 full circles of tulle fabric, respectively, for fluffiness chosen.

Readily available colours of tulle we always have in stock:

  • Bright white
  • Natural white
  • Light grey
  • Black
  • Pink
  • Lilac pink
  • Fuchsia pink

To choose a colour from in-stock options, select „Colour from our selection“ and write your request into the comments. Did not find your favourite colour? No problem! We know where to find tulle in all shades of the rainbow! Select „Ask for your favourite colour“, write your request into the comments and we will find exactly what you wish for.

Usually we complete your order within two or three weeks. If you need a skirt in haste, choose "Express production" and contact us. We will specify how quickly we can do the job. If possible, we will make it happen in two-three working days (surcharge 30% will apply).

Prices start from 31