Luxury dresses for Nordic Princesses!

LizKiz Couture conjures up dresses for true princesses. The heart and soul of LizKiz Couture, designer Liz, lives in Estonia. Life right at the edge of the North has guided her style to be calm, classy and timelessly elegant but pure fun and sparkles at the same time.

She knows that modern princesses are not porcelain dolls. Oh yes, they like to be beautiful for sure! But at the same time they want to move, jump, run around, play and have fun!

All LizKiz Couture dressed are lovingly hand-made. Full of fluff, pearls, lace, flowers, butterflies and you never want to take them off. The fabrics are unbelievably soft and colorful.  

The dresses are inspired from classical looks of royal princesses though the ages. Combining history and tradition with fresh ideas, Liz has turned her dresses into modern masterpieces all girls can easily slip in and have fun.  

These are dresses to enjoy life to the fullest and sing your heart out in! Play, twirl and dance like you were born royal! The dress will flow and fly with you were ever you go and whatever you do!

Be a princess! Be regal! Be YOU with a majestic fluffy twist!

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