The perfect pre-school graduation gown

The time is here! Your little darling is graduating pre-school and starting school in autumn. This is the first of many graduations to come and deserves a proper celebration. In a gown of her dreams, of course!

Girls graduating from pre-school are the perfect age to rock a more luxurious princess dress. Whether she’s a fan of Cinderella, Rapunzel, Anna, Elsa, unicorns, fairies or other creatures, the inspiration is endless.

Which is the perfect dress for a pre-school graduation then? Naturally, it has to be suitable for twirling and twirling and twirling around, but also comfortable enough for running, sitting, eating, climbing the slides, crawling, jumping, throwing a cartwheel and looking good on photos ;) It should to fit like a glove with no itchy seems or popping buttons ruining the party.

The most demanding and decisive

Lizkiz Couture’s younger customers are the most demanding. If they don’t like a dress because it’s the wrong length or the wrong colour or they just “don’t like it and don’t really know why” - they simply will not wear it. If a dress pricks them in any place or is uncomfortable in any way, they will let you know loud and clear. In case they do find a dress they like, it’s often made in poor quality and will sometimes break apart after only wearing it a few times, followed by crocodile tears and desperate mothers trying to fix the same seam for the fifth time.

Children are not meant to sit still and they move around in all possible and impossible ways, so the dress has to move with them. It has to be made out of a material that is soft against the skin and tailored to withstand all sorts of movement. We love our demanding young customers very much! They know exactly what they want. If they dream of a rainbow-colored unicorn dress, they will not accept a purple alternative. No girl who is a rock star at heart and has decided on a BLACK dress will be convinced that pink is the right choice. Some dresses simply work better next to a skateboard than with a bouquet of flowers.

A dress worth inheriting

You will not find our kind of dresses in a fast fashion store. Even if you do happen to stumble upon one, the joy of wearing them is growing shorter and shorter. To achieve a lower retail price, materials and work quality suffer.

We always carefully choose all the materials we use for our girls’ gowns, taking care the fabric is soft and nice against the skin and avoiding seams that would be disturbing. Many of our fabrics have either the Öko-Tex or GOTS certificates. Our pearls and flowers are sewn to the dress, not glued. Our crystals are authentic, not plastic. Our fluff is achieved with carefully chosen tulle, not rigid hoops or stingy stiff tulle that’s better suited for chicken nets, which is what fast fashion usually prefers. They need to use less of it for the same visual effect but the feeling of such tulle next to your skin – oh my! We care about our young customers and love each dress that finds its way from our workshop to their cupboard. Even the “simpler” Lizkiz Couture dresses are made with great dedication and attention to details.

All our dresses are made in our studio in Tallinn, Tööstuse 48. We pay a lot of attention to quality so the gowns would work with (not against) even the most adventurous wearers. Once we have created the dress of their dreams, it is a piece they will want to keep and pass on to their children :)

Graduation gowns

Thinking of pre-school graduations, we have created a collection of gowns that are beautiful, but not over the top insane :P Of course, we would be equally delighted if you prefer a fancier, almost outrageously luxurious gown! :D But to make the choice easier, here is a selection of gowns best suited for pre-school graduations or any “simpler” festivities. To read more about a specific dress, click on the link provided.

The ever classical Eva

Available colors of fabric we have in stock for Eva dress:
  • Navy blue
  • Coral pink

Beautiful Anneke

Cheerful Marie

Purple flowered Violette

- the true princess dress

Robin – a slightly fancier choice

The unworldly, mesmerizing, airy Robinette

Pick your favourite and place the order through our web-shop or describe your wishes in an e-mail or call 53422654 or come and visit us, so we can choose the fabrics and the colours together!

Whatever your choice, we wish you a colourful celebration of that special day!

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