Froufrou skirts made to order

Each Froufrou is unique, each frill has its character. In our atelier we have thousands of meters tulle, lace and special fabrics waiting for you to wear your skirt! Maybe a classic A-line Froufrou to affect decently in the office and festive in the evening? It can be monochrome or multicoloured! Hundreds of different reds give the opportunity to put together a cheeky skirt as Phoenix. Slightly lace or tulle with spangles adds glory, shine and uniqueness into your skirt!

Circle skirt is the real spinning skirt. That is why all of our skirts for children have circle line. Princesses just cannot avoid spinning! Nor do women need to refuse that kind of playful skirt. The full-length circle skirt is a real masterpiece that does not leave anyone cold. Shorter circle skirts are comfortable for everyday wear.

And who says the skirt is a clothing only for office or party? Tennis, real sports of kings and queens, offers a great opportunity to shine on the court. That is why we have created a short A-line Froufrou, which is exactly suitable for playing sports. The only risk is that the gaming partner will admire the beautiful skirt and will not hit the ball…