Ready-to-ship in the US

Inspired by unicorns and rainbows, our luxurious tulle skirts are made with love in Northern Europe. Originally created for Nordic princesses, an assortment of Froufrou tulle skirts are now ready to ship in the US. A perfect Christmas present for any girl who loves to twirl in a flowing skirt.

The skirts have 100% OEKO-TEX® cotton lining and carry soft and flexible waistlines, meaning they last for a long time. Our smallest size with two layers makes an excellent baby shower gift — it can be worn from birth up to around two years. 5-layer version works best for girls up to 5ft tall.

The Froufrou skirts on this page are shipped from Sunnyvale (CA) with Priority Mail USPS for fast delivery.

"Sparkling Yellow" 0-2T

"Yellow as Honey" 0-2T

"Jingle Bells" 0-2T

"Sparkling Rainbow" 0-2T

"Yellow as Honey" 4T-5

"Fairy Dust" 4T-5

"Peacock and Rainbow Dots" 4T-5

"Christmas Tree Fairy" 4T-5

"Bubblegum Princess" 4T-5

"Misty Fairy" 6-8

"Angel Pink" 6-8

"Sparkling Rainbow" 6-8

"Jingle Bells" 6-8

"Sparkling Snowflake" 6-8

"Modest Phoenix" 9-11