Choose your Froufrou!

Every Froufrou skirt is unique in it's style and each frill has it's own personality! We have countless colors of tulle, lace and other special in our studio, ready to be sewn into a skirt of Your dreams! Perhaps a classical A-line skirt for a modest office look or a slight festive feel in the evening? Monochrome or a mix of colors? Layer different shades of red and you have a Phoenix-like masterpiece to treasure for a lifetime! Add some lace or glittering tulle and you have an even more luxurious outcome. Choose pastels to get that dreamy, soft and feminine feel.

A Circle-skirt froufrou is truly made for twirling! All our skirts for girls are circle-skirts, of course, as true princesses cannot resist a perfect twirl. And so is true for fun-loving ladies! A full-length circle Froufrou is undeniably elegant and fit for a ball, shorter ones can easily be worn every day. 

Choose a Froufrou that speaks to you and it's an investment for years!

Monochrome Froufrou, A-line

Special fabrics Froufrou, A-line

Monochrome Froufrou with tiny touch of color-mix, A-line

Multicolor Froufrou, A-line

Assorted Froufrou with lace, A-line

Monochrome circle-Froufrou

Special fabrics circle Froufrou

Monochrome circle Froufrou with tiny touch of color-mix

Assorted circle-Froufrou

Assorted circle Froufrou with lace