Mi Butterfly ladylike romance

Romantic tulle-skirts, elegant and gentle lace blouses and mellow wedding dresses – the signatures of Mi Butterfly garments for women who value what they wear as more than just clothes. As a statement of their glorious femininity, these masterpieces mirror the shine of your soul! Every item is hand-made to fit your unique wishes and personality. Flowery lace or abstract motives? A fluffy full skirt or something soft, draping and flowing?

The creator of mi Butterfly, Triinu Jäetma, started sewing over two decades ago. Her own desire to wear something unquestionably feminine gave rise to a vision of lace and tulle we know and love today.

In 2018 the vision was passed to the gentle hands of designer Mariliis Pinn, who also desires to see every girl and woman in a dress or skirt which makes them glow with happiness and show the world their confident tenderness!

Send us your wishes through e-mail or fill in the form below and together let us create something magical!

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